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At the top of your inbox, there are two options you can toggle between: Priority and Other.

Priority Inbox includes your most important emails, so you know what to focus on first. Messages from people you interact with frequently will always show up here. It’s powered by artificial intelligence, and the more you use Astro the smarter it gets at sorting.

To see your non-priority emails, toggle your inbox to Other. Here you’ll find everything else, like email subscriptions and newsletters.

Mac Desktop:

  • Click to toggle between Priority and Other at the top of your inbox (in the center pane)
  • If you notice an email in the wrong inbox, drag the message onto the tab of the other side of the inbox you wish that message to be in.
  • We do not recommend this, but you may disable Priority Inbox by going to Preferences > General. Priority Inbox does get smarter over time due to machine learning, so we encourage you to continue using it.


  • Tap to toggle between Priority and Other at the top of the screen
  • Hold a message down until radio buttons (circle icons) appear on the left side, then select the folder icon at the bottom and select “Other Inbox” at the top.
  • To disable Priority Inbox, tap the settings icon in the menu bar and select General > Enable Priority Inbox

How does Astro determine what goes in Priority Inbox?

Priority Inbox is powered by Machine Learning, meaning Astro takes signals from your emails to determine each message's importance. Astro keeps learning as you receive and respond to more emails. The goal is to separate out messages that need your attention right now, and sort everything else into Other Inbox; while keeping your information secure and private (all Machine Learning and processing is anonymous, and done by machines, not humans). 

Signals Astro takes to determine what goes in Priority vs Other includes:
• Sender and recipients (mailing lists go into Other)
• Interaction history and your response time to similar messages
• Presence of attachments
• Signals from your ESP (email service provider), currently Gmail and Office 365.
• Manual actions to move messages between Priority and Other (you can do this by right clicking on any message, and selecting "Move to Other" or "Move to Priority")

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