Astrobot can help you with productivity and email-related tasks. This list is growing regularly, but here are the tasks Astrobot can help you with right now (and other things you can "ask astro"). For an overview of the messages, insights, and suggested actions Astrobot sends you, check out this article.

Inbox Zap

During onboarding and anytime you type "zap", Astrobot will provide a list of suggested action to clean up your inbox and contacts. 

Set a reminder

Type "Remind me to [blank] at [this time]", and you’ll get an email from yourself at that time.
Example: Remind me to order lunch at 11:45 am.


Type "List VIPs" or "Add VIPs" (coming soon) to manage your VIP list.

Send a quick email

Type "email [email@company.com] [message]"

Example: Email emily@helloastro.com I'm running 5 minutes late.

Direct message 

To directly message someone at your company is also using Astro type an email address and your message.
emily@helloastro.com hey, this a direct message that you get in Astrobot, isn't this neat?

Onboarding, help, and support

Onboarding and Add Account

To add a new account, type "add account". To take the Astro tour, type "tour". And to give your inbox a clean start, type "zap". 

Help and Tips
Type the name of any feature and you will get a tip about how that feature works. You can also type "Tips" to get a random tip about an Astro feature.
Example: Notifications, Snooze

Send Astro feedback

Type "Feedback" or "Support" followed by your message and someone on the Astro team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

The fun stuff

You can also have basic conversations with Astrobot and the library of things Astrobot understands is ever-expanding. 

Example: Flip a coin, roll the dice, random emoji

Have a suggestion of an easter egg or something else Astrobot should know how to answer? We are taking requests send us a message!

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