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What is Astrobot?

Astrobot is a bot in our desktop and mobile apps. Look for the circle bolt icon in the bottom left of both apps.

Astrobot's goal is to make you more productive by helping you declutter your inbox and making sure you don’t miss anything important. Astrobot is powered by AI, so it's learning new things and getting smarter every day.

You can ask Astrobot to help you do basic email tasks, ask for help, and respond to suggested actions. Astrobot also provides insights, recommended actions, and reminders automatically. 

How can I control the messages Astrobot sends?

You can control which messages Astrobot sends you. 

On Desktop: Visit Preferences > Accounts > Features > Astrobot
On Mobile: Visit Settings > tap an account > Astrobot 

Check the boxes for the message types you'd like to receive, and uncheck the boxes for messages types you no longer wish to receive. These preferences are set at the account level, meaning you can customize your preferences for every email account you have in Astro. If you'd like to update your preferences for all of your accounts, please select each account on the left and update your preferences.

Here are the types of messages you can choose to receive or turn off. 

Reminders about questions from your emails

Astrobot detects when someone asks you a question in an email, and highlights these for you. This is intended to help you respond promptly to requests and questions people send you.

Reminders about important emails

If you haven't responded to a priority or VIP message, Astro will remind you. Astro is learning which messages are important to you, so this gets smarter the more you use Astro.

Prompts to archive old emails

if you have a lot of emails older than 30 days in your inbox, Astrobot asks you if you'd like to move these to your Archive folder. This is a really helpful way to get to inbox zero, without deleting anything important. 

Prompts to move emails to folders by default

If you always move certain types of emails to specific folders, Astrobot will notice this behavior. Astrobot will then ask you if you want to move these emails automatically. This is an easy way to automate how you organize your emails.

Prompts to unsubscribe from mailing lists

If you subscribe to a mailing list and never open emails that are part of that subscription, Astrobot will ask if you'd like to unsubscribe. Then, if you click yes, we'll unsubscribe you from that list forever. This is another helpful way to control the number of emails you receive.

Prompts to add contacts to your VIP list

VIPs are your highest-priority contacts. Emails from these contacts always show up in your Priority Inbox, and you can also set notifications and filter your inbox for just VIP messages. Astrobot notices who you interact with and respond to most frequently, and makes suggestions about who you should add to your VIP list. Here's more information about managing your VIP list.

Request and share contact information within your company 

If multiple people with the same company email domain use Astro, you can share contact information. You can ask astro to "introduce me to someone at company name" or "introduce me to email address" and Astrobot will reveal if anyone knows someone at the company or with that email address.

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