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You can set up a new signature for each of your connected email accounts, or use our default: “Sent from Astro.” Your signature will automatically apply to every email you send unless you change your settings.


  • In the menu bar, select Preferences > Accounts > Select an email account on the left > Click Signatures on the right (see arrow below)
  • Select the + icon (green arrow on bottom of screenshot) to add images or URLs
  • Select "Include by default" on the bottom right (see arrow) if you want the signature to automatically be added to every email
  • Right now, we only support 1 signature per account.


  • Tap the hamburger menu (3 line icon in top left) > Settings (gear icon) > Signatures, then customize for each email account. 
  • Choose include by default to have a signature automatically added to each reply.
  • Right now, we only support 1 signature per account.

Android: Please see this article on Android signatures

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