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There are 2 ways to track emails in Astro: Open Tracking and Reply Tracking

  • Open Tracking allows you to see when a recipient has opened your email. 
  • Reply Tracking allows you to set a time when you’d like to be notified if you haven’t received a response about an email.

Open Tracking

Set up Open Tracking

Before you send an email, select the “Track Opens” option at the bottom of the email:

  • On Mac: In compose, next to send click the beacon icon (make sure it highlights blue)
  • On iOS: In compose, select the toggle icon, then select Track Opens (make sure the toggle is purple)

See when an email has been opened

There are 2 ways to see if a recipient has opened your email:

  • Astrobot: We’ll send you a notification, it will have a satellite emoji next to it. 
  • On the sent email: In your Sent Folder, you’ll see a gray or blue beacon icon next to every email you’ve tracked. Blue indicates it’s been opened, gray indicates it hasn’t. You’ll also see this beacon icon on the email itself, next to the time stamp.

Reply Tracking

You can select to Track Replies every time you send an email. This is useful if you need a response to your email by a certain time or date. 

Before you send an email, select the “Track Reply by” option at the bottom of the email. Then, select the time you need a reply from the recipient.

  • On Mac: In compose, next to send, click the finger icon.
  • On iOS: In compose, select the toggle icon, then select Track Reply by

Get a reminder if you haven’t received a reply

  • You'll get a message in Astrobot at that time you selected if you did not get a reply back
  • You can then send a new follow-up email to remind the recipient to respond. We don’t send this email for you or let the recipient know you set up Reply Tracking on the email

Other Questions about Email Tracking

Can Astro tell me which recipient or who specifically opened my email?

We currently only tell you when any recipient on your email has opened it. We plan to add additional Email Tracking features, like per recipient tracking, in the future. Read more about our plans on our blog.

Do you tell the recipient when I've set up Reply Tracking or Open Tracking?

No. We don't let the recipient know if you're tracking an email. 

When you set up Reply Tracking, we don't automatically send a follow-up email or reminder to them to let them know they haven't responded by the time you selected. Currently, we just let you know, so you can follow-up yourself. In the future, we plan to add the ability to notify the recipient about Reply Tracking, so they know what time you are expecting a response.

How do I change the preset Reply Tracking times?

Custom times for Reply Tracking and Snooze are set in your Preferences and Notifications. You set one set of custom times for both features.

Is Email Tracking Free?

Astro is still entirely free, including Email Tracking. When we do launch a paid product we still plan to keep basic Email Tracking free. Read more about our future plans on our blog.

What are the other Send Options?

When you send an email you have the following additional options before you send:

  • Send Later: Write an email at a time that works for you, schedule it to be sent at a time that works for the recipient.
  • Archive After Send: Only available on a reply, select this option and the email will go straight to your archive folder instead of your sent folder.
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