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You can schedule a Follow-Up Reminder every time you send an email. This is useful if you need a response to your email by a certain time or date. 

  • On Mac Desktop, in compose, next to send click the ☝️️ icon, then select the time you need to hear back by. 
  • On iOS, in compose, next to send, click the 🕑 icon, then select Follow-Up Reminder (make sure the toggle is green), then select the time you need to hear back by.
  • You'll get a message in Astrobot at that time, and you can then send a new message to remind the recipient to respond.

Do you tell the recipient when I've set up a Follow-Up Reminder?

No. We currently don't let the recipient know if you've set a follow-up reminder and we don't automatically send a follow-up email to them to let them know they haven't responded by the time you selected. Currently, we just let you know, so you can follow-up yourself. In the future, we plan to add the ability to notify the recipient about Follow-Up Reminders.

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