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Add an account

There are 2 ways to add an email account, before you start please note we currently support Gmail and Office 365 accounts. 

1. Type "add account" to Astrobot, click the link and go through the add account flow (it works just like chatting with Astrobot, but is in a separate window on Mac)

2. macOS: Go to Preferences > Accounts > tap the plus button in the bottom left, on iOS: Go to Settings > tap add account

Astro Account Set up

  • Once in the Astrobot Account Set up process, type your email address then click or tap the text buttons to move forward in the process
  • You will be sent to Office 365 or Gmail log in screens to authenticate your account. If you run into issues logging in here, please go to the Office 365 or Gmail log in page and reset your password.

Security and privacy

If you want to learn more about our strict policies in place to keep your information from these accounts safe, secure, and private, you can learn about our policies in this article.

Remove an account

  • macOS: Go to Preferences > Accounts, select the "-" in the bottom left (green arrow in screenshot below). To permanently delete this account and all information from our servers, select the check box (purple arrow below).
  • iOS: Go to settings then select an account by tapping an email address, on the next screen, swipe to the bottom and select delete account. You can also try re-authenticating your account here if you are having an issue sycning your emails with Astro.

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