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You can specify different notification settings for each of your email accounts. You also have the option to choose to only receive notifications about new mail from VIPs, your Priority Inbox, or you can get notifications for all new mail. 

There are 2 steps to enabling and customizing notifications for Astro: 

  1. Make sure you have notifications enabled in your Mac, iPhone, or iPad's settings (outside of Astro in your device's settings)
  2. Make sure you have notifications enabled for each email account you have in Astro.


  • Mac 'System Preferences' app: In the Notifications section, when you select Astro, ensure you have at least one notification option selected.
  • Astro app: In the menu bar (top left), select Preferences > Notifications, then enable Notifications. 
  • To customize what types of messages you receive emails for, go to the accounts tab, select an email account, then customize notifications for each account.


  • iOS Settings App: Ensure that you've enabled Notifications for Astro in your iPhone or iPad's settings. Settings >  Notifications > Astro > enable one of the options below: 
  • Astro App: Tap the hamburger menu (three bars icon top left), go toSettings (gear icon), select manage accounts, then notifications. You can enable notifications and select what types of messages you receive for each account here.
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