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The very first time you sync your inbox in Astro will sometimes take a bit longer than a normal sync.

How long it takes depends on the size of the inbox you're syncing, and can be as fast as a few minutes for a small inbox, or up to 2-6 hours for a very large inbox. 

Only the first sync takes this long, and afterwards your email sync and stay up to date in seconds.

Experiencing issue syncing?

  • Check our status page for updates about Astro downtime and performance issues.
  • Try resetting and reauthenticating your account, which will resync your emails: macOS: Go to the Astro menu (top left in tool bar) > Preferences > Accounts, and select the Reset Account button (see screenshot below).
    Go to settings, tap the email address with syncing issues under accounts, and select "Reauthenticate Account" under Debug towards the bottom of the screen

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