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After you finish or pause the tour during onboarding with Astrobot, Astrobot will ask you if you'd like to Zap your Inbox. You can also initiate Inbox Zap by typing "Zap" to Astrobot anytime.

Inbox Zap is a fast way to clean up your inbox and contacts. Astro will not take any actions until you respond to prompts. Once you start Zap, Astrobot will ask you if you want to Zap the Old Emails, Subscriptions, and Contacts. 

Old emails

  • Zapping old emails currently prompts you to archive emails older than 30 days. 
  • Astro scans your inbox for old emails, and if you don't have any will let you know. 
  • If Astro finds old emails, Astrobot will then prompt you to select yes or no. 


  • Go to the chat box in the bottom left panel and type “Remind me to do X at X time.” Example: Reminder me to attend the meeting at 5pm.
  • A reminder will pop up in your email at the time you set
  • You can access your upcoming reminders in the Snoozed folder
  • To cancel a reminder, open the reminder in your Snoozed folder and tap the X mark in the orange Snooze box


  • Astro will scan your inbox for email lists and newsletter you don't open frequently.
  • Astrobot will then batch these up and ask you if you want to Unsubscribe for each subscription. 
  • We are currently working on a more consolidated way to package these unsubscribe requests up up, but for now, you must click yes to unsubscribe from each subscription. This also prevents you from unsubscribing to things accidentally.
  • If the email list requires additional confirmation, Astro will send you to the lists website.


  • To help Astro keep your Priority Inbox and notification streams clean in the future, you can indicate which contacts are VIPs. This signals to Astro that these contacts should always show up in your Priority Inbox. You can also customize your notifications to only receive notifications for VIP emails. 
  • We may still add emails from non-VIPs to your Priority Inbox, but will do additional analysis on emails from non-VIP contacts to determine if their emails should be placed in your Priority or Other Inbox. 
  • During Inbox Zap, Astro will provide a list of suggested VIPs based on your sending and opening behavior. 
  • Select each contact you'd like to add as a VIP by selecting their name.

Why don't I see many suggestions when I type "Zap"?

The tidier you keep your inbox, the fewer suggestions Astrobot will make when you Zap your Inbox. After you've been using Astro for a while, and especially if you check Astrobot and respond to the suggestions frequently, you most likely will not need to type "Zap" to Astrobot to keep your inbox clean. But, you can still type "Zap" just to check!

What's next for Zap?

We plan to continue adding new actions you can take to Zap your Inbox. Our goal is to end inbox overload and help you focus on the messages that matter most. If you have suggestions on how to improve Zap please let us know by typing "Feedback [message]" to Astrobot. 

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