There are two common issues that users encounter when trying to set up their Office 365 accounts.

  1. Administrator approval
  2. Accounts that look like Office 365 accounts but aren't

Administrator Approval

  • Some organizations and companies using Office 365 restrict 3rd-party applications like Astro. Apps are restricted during authentication or through Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies.
  • If this is the case, you may see these pages when trying to add your account:
  • If you see these screens, please ask your company's Office 365 administrator to create an exception for Astro by providing consent for our app to work within Office 365. Some companies may not be willing to make exceptions, in this case you won't be able to use Astro with your Office 365 account. 

Accounts that Look Like Office 365 but Aren't

  • Microsoft recently started moving users who have the “Office 365 Home” and “Office 365 Personal” subscription levels to the Office 365 interface. These accounts still maintain their domain, and Astro doesn't currently offer support for these accounts.
  • We do not currently offer support for shared mailboxes in Exchange online (these may appear to be Office 365 accounts).
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