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Welcome to Astro, we're glad you found us. Follow this guide to get up and running with Astro.

1. Download Astro for iPhone or iPad

If you'd also like to download Astro for Mac, you can do so on our website (we aren't in the Mac App Store).

2. Add your email account

When you first open the app, Astrobot will walk you through adding your first email account. We currently support Gmail and Office 365 email addresses, with support for more services coming soon. 

Once you’ve added your first account, you can add additional email accounts by typing "add account" to Astrobot.

3. Meet Astrobot

After you've added an account, our built-in chatbot, Astrobot, will prompt you to take quick tour to teach you the basics of using Astro. You can take the tour anytime by typing "tour". 

After the tour, Astrobot will ask you if you want to Zap your Inbox. This is a great way to give your inbox a fresh start. Astrobot will walk you through a couple of suggestions for cleaning your inbox. Just say yes or no to each suggestion--we won't do anything without asking. 

To discover more things Astrobot can do, type "ask astro" or check out our list of commands for Astrobot. Astrobot will continue to suggest actions you can take to clean your inbox and remind you of important messages and questions from your emails. When you see animated dots inside Astrobot's helmet, you have a new message.

4. Priority and Other

You have two inboxes: Priority and Other. Priority is full of the messages you want to focus on first, from the people you contact the most. Your Other inbox is for things that don't need immediate attention, like newsletters and promotions.

The more you use Astro, the smarter it gets at sorting. If you notice an email in the wrong inbox, hold it down until a checkmark appears beside it, then select the folder icon at the bottom of the screen and choose "Move to Priority Inbox" or "Move to Other Inbox." Astro learns each time you move a message manually.

5. Set up your swipes

You can get through your inbox faster with Swipes. Swipe left on a message to snooze it, or swipe right to archive it.  

Try snoozing a message for later  by swiping left. Choose one of Astro’s default snooze times, or customize your own. You also have the option to Snooze to Desktop on mobile. Select this option when you're on your phone, and the email will reappear the next time you open your Astro desktop app.

You can customize your swiping settings by tapping the settings icon in the menu bar and selecting “Swipe Options.”

You can also triage your emails using the icons at the bottom of an email, by tapping the icons.

6. Compose an email, customize your send options

To compose a new message, select the new message icon in the top right of the screen. A new message window will open, allowing you to start your message. You have many options 

Send Options

When composing a new message, you'll see a few options before you hit send:

7. Tell us what you think

We're in Public Beta and love hearing from you. Type "Feedback [message]" to Astrobot to let us know what you think or what you'd like to see on our product roadmap. 

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