Welcome and thanks for downloading Astro. Check out our video for a 1 minute Astro overview, then download our app.

1. Download Astro and add your email address

Download Astro for Mac from our website (make sure you’re running either 10.11 or 10.12). When you're ready, we also recommend you download our mobile apps:

When you first open the app, Astrobot (our built-in chatbot and email assistant) will walk you through adding your first email account. We currently support Gmail and Office 365 email addresses.

Once you’ve added your first account, you can add additional email accounts by typing "add account" to Astrobot.

2. Lay of the land


You have two inboxes: Priority and Other. Priority Inbox is for emails from the people you contact the most. Your Other inbox is for things that don't need immediate attention, like newsletters and promotions. One of the great things about Priority Inbox is that you can limit your notifications to just these emails. Go to Preferences > Accounts > Notifications to adjust your settings for each email account. Learn more in this article.

We use artificial intelligence to categorize your email into Priority or Other Inbox. So, the more you use Astro, the smarter it gets at sorting. If you notice an email in the wrong inbox, right click and choose "Move to Priority Inbox" or "Move to Other Inbox." Astro learns each time you move an email manually.


You can view, add, and manage your events in Astro’s Calendar. Calendar includes events from your Gmail and/or Office 365 accounts, but also Snoozed emails, emails scheduled to send later, and Reminders, so you get a complete view of what needs to get done each day.

Astrobot: Ask and Insights

Astrobot is your new email assistant, powered by AI. Astrobot helps in two ways:

  • Astrobot responds to 100s of commands to help you clean up your inbox and manage your calendar. Go to the bottom left of your sidebar to Ask Astrobot for help.
  • Astrobot provides Insights automatically, so you don’t miss anything important. Go to the top right of the sidebar, next to your account information to see and take action on these Insights.


In settings you can add accounts, set up which notifications you’d like to receive, customize Swipe actions, add signatures, and more.

Compose & Send

When composing a new message, you'll see a few options before you hit send:

When writing an email, Astro allows you to @mention people, and if they’re using Astro too they’ll get a notification in Insights. You can also attach files, add emojis, set up signatures in preferences, and more.

3. Meet Astrobot

Astrobot is your new email and calendar assistant, powered by AI. Astrobot helps in two ways:

  • Astrobot responds to 100s of commands to help you clean up your inbox and manage your calendar
  • Astrobot provides Insights automatically, so you don’t miss anything important

Ask Astrobot 

Select the Astrobot icon in the bottom of the sidebar. Then click the cards on screen to learn commands and clean out your inbox. 

We recommend you start out by Zapping your inbox. Just tap Zap to check for subscriptions to unsubscribe from, archive old emails, and more.

As you’re getting started, if you need help with Astro,  just type “Help with [feature name]” or “Feedback [message]”, which will connect you to our support team. 

Astrobot Insights

Astrobot Insights reminds you to follow up on important emails, questions, tracked emails, time-specific requests, and @mentions, and suggests actions to keep your inbox clean in Astrobot Insights. For example, if someone important asks you a question in an email, Astrobot will highlight that question so you remember to follow up. Learn more about Astrobot Insights here.

4. Check out our integrations with Slack and Alexa

Now that you’ve got the basics of using our Mac app, try out our integrations.


Our Slack integration helps you work across Slack and email. There are 3 main features: manage your inbox from Slack; search across both email and Slack from inside our email app, and share Emails to Slack from Astro’s email app. Go to Preferences > Slack to connect your account.

Amazon Alexa

With Astrobot for Alexa, you can catch up on email through your Amazon Echo. Ask Alexa to Snooze, Delete, Archive, Star, or send Quick Replies to emails. To set up, go to the Astrobot Alexa Skill page and authorize Amazon and connect your email address.

You can also try Astrobot Voice inside our mobile apps.

5. Tell us what you think

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